Saturday, September 27, 2008

A big week!

Reid's top two teeth came through (Louisa's won't be too far behind) and Louisa started crawling! We were in the kitchen tonight and looked toward the den to see this tiny little princess peeking around the corner of the couch at us. She is so proud of herself! For the most part, Reid is still moving backwards and can get where he wants to go this way, but every once in a while, he'll go a step or two forward. He has figured out how to go from his tummy to sitting up (he kinda backs into a sitting position). This afternoon Reid was going towards Louisa and when she realized, she started squealing and trying to get away from him. It is soooooo precious to see them playing together and get so excited about being with each other. Both babies are trying to pull up on anything they can reach. I think we're getting ready to have to do some serious baby proofing in our house!

Here are a couple of silly pictures...
Reid thinks it's funny when his shirt is on his head

A girl and her puppy dog...I made two spots on the floor for the babies while I was getting their bottles ready. Reid decided he would rather play, so I moved him. When I came back Maggie had taken his spot beside Louisa!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our House...Divided

For now Craig and I have agreed that Reid will help Daddy pull for the Gamecocks and Louisa will help Mommy pull for the Tigers. Who knows what will happen when they can choose on their own!
Louisa so proud of herself standing up!

Catch a tiger by it's tail...
Reid on the move. He figured out this week how to go from tummy to sitting up!

I took these on Jan the next 2 pics and look how much smaller the bears look now!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy 10 Month Birthday, Babies!!

I know, I know...I say it every month. But seriously, can you believe the babies are 10 months old today?? I can't believe in 2 short months they will turn a year old! Whoever pushed the fast forward button on the last 10 months...STEP AWAY FROM THE BUTTON!! Each new stage is so much fun and we are trying to document as much as we can with video and still pictures because I don't want to forget ANY of it! Reid and Louisa continue to bless our lives each and every day...whether it's through Reid's soft "pat-pat" on your leg or Louisa's sweet little smile and "purr"...I can't imagine life without my two angels!! You two bring Mommy and Daddy so much joy!
Okay, Mommy is once again turning to mush and it's late, so here are a few pictures for tonight and I'll try to get some more up in the next few days.

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