Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy 13 Month Birthday, Cole!

At 13 months you weighed 17 lbs 10 oz and were 28 1/4" long. You are a tiny little guy, but that's okay with makes Mommy feel like I can keep my baby a baby for just a little bit longer! Just this week you started taking some steps on your won't be long before you are taking off all over the place chasing your brother, sister and puppy dog! You're saying a few words - Momma, Dada, Sissy (sounds a little like "thithy"), Bubba, ball, dog. You know sign language for more, please and thank you...all very, very cute of course! You make us laugh constantly when you cut your eyes or shake your head "no" when we call your name and you are doing something you aren't supposed to be doing then immediately follow by shaking your head "yes!" Too funny. When you know you are doing something funny or you want our attention, you blow a very emphatic raspberry...which always makes me laugh. You still like your paci and you love your "taggy" blanket when it's time to go to always like to touch something soft to help you relax.

You are definitely watching and taking in everything you see Reid and Louisa do. If they are playing and tickling each other, you like to join in! Reid and Louisa of course think this is fun too. They take great pride in trying to teach you new things to say or is so precious for me to see how the 3 of you interact with each truly makes me proud!
You love to hear music...often dancing and shaking your head along with the beat. At night you like to crawl up in Daddy's lap while he plays "Jessie's Song" (from Toy Story 3) on his even sounds like you are humming along with the words!

I've said it here before and I tell everyone that asks (and many that don't ask!) that you are such a SWEET, SWEET boy! You have such a gentle nature about's in your eyes, it's in your soft hands, it's in the sweet little noises that you make. I love you my sweet Coley - thank you for the joy that you bring us each and every day!

Happy Easter 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

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