Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Belated Mother's Day Post...

We went to Carrie's parents house for Mother's Day and spent Sunday afternoon on the farm with my parents. As the pictures show, everyone had a great time...

Mommy and her babies!

Aunt Tina and the twins doing a "sandwich!"

Mommy and Grammy loving babies.

Grammy receiving gifts.

Everyone wanted a photo with Louisa and Reid!

We love you Mommy!

Both sets of twins with Alex and Aunt Tina.

Matthew getting a little sugar!

Ava and Grammy.


Mimi and the babies!

Mimi and PawPaw holding Reid and Louisa.

Mimi loving on Louisa.

Louisa cheesing at Mimi.

Reid thinks PawPaw is funny!

Emma Catherine and Reid.

Pretty girls!

Abigail and Reid.

Abigail worried about Louisa!

Abigail making Louisa feel better...too sweet!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Babies!!

I'm a few days late posting this (would you believe me if I said things are busy around our house??)...the babies turned 6 months old on Friday!! Each milestone is a reminder to me of how truly blessed we all are to have Reid and Louisa in our lives. The last 6 months have flown babies are growing up WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY to fast! Each day seems to bring something new. They are rolling over and working on sitting up...they can sit up for 15-20 seconds before they wobble over so it won't be long before they are sitting up on their own! Here are some pictures taken of our cuties on their 6 month birthday...

Look at our pretty eyes...

Do these 2 look like they are up to something or what?!?
Happy GirlSo excited! Too bad you can't hear the squeal that went with this picture!
Happy Reid
Sweet Boy

This hand is my hand...This hand is your hand...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A visit to the Coast...

A few weekends ago we packed the twins up and travelled to St. Marys to visit my extended family. We stayed with my Aunt KB and Uncle Gregg and had a BLAST! Even though we got in late Friday evening it did not keep us from staying up late loving on the babies.

Saturday afternoon we took the babies to my Grandparents and introduced the babies to Aunt Ethel, Aunt Ruby, Aunt Rita, Uncle Jeff and Marci. It was a really great time and we look forward to getting back.

Most importantly the photos of the visit...

Aunt Ethel and Louisa.

Grammie's "oooooh" at Louisa.

Aunt Ethel, Reid, Grammie Jean and Louisa.

Louisa enjoying her Great Grandma!

Reid and Grammie.

Papa and Reid having a good time!

Louisa and Papa having fun.


I believe Papa and Grammie could of stayed this way all day!

That's a proud Papa!

Good times!

One happy baby girl!

Reid and Aunt Lo.

Marci and Aunt Rita loving on the babies.


Aunt KB and the babies.

Getting some sugar!

Blue eyes!

Louisa's best buddy, Zach.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Saturday Morning...

...Craig was entertaining Reid & Louisa in our bed and of course Maggie wanted some attention too. So...I helped her up on the bed and she oh-so-carefully layed in between Reid & Louisa. Maggie then promptly rolled over and snuggled up to Reid!! Looks like they will definitely be great friends and Saturday morning cuddle buddies! Look at how Reid is rubbing Maggie's belly...

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