Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A visit to the Coast...

A few weekends ago we packed the twins up and travelled to St. Marys to visit my extended family. We stayed with my Aunt KB and Uncle Gregg and had a BLAST! Even though we got in late Friday evening it did not keep us from staying up late loving on the babies.

Saturday afternoon we took the babies to my Grandparents and introduced the babies to Aunt Ethel, Aunt Ruby, Aunt Rita, Uncle Jeff and Marci. It was a really great time and we look forward to getting back.

Most importantly the photos of the visit...

Aunt Ethel and Louisa.

Grammie's "oooooh" at Louisa.

Aunt Ethel, Reid, Grammie Jean and Louisa.

Louisa enjoying her Great Grandma!

Reid and Grammie.

Papa and Reid having a good time!

Louisa and Papa having fun.


I believe Papa and Grammie could of stayed this way all day!

That's a proud Papa!

Good times!

One happy baby girl!

Reid and Aunt Lo.

Marci and Aunt Rita loving on the babies.


Aunt KB and the babies.

Getting some sugar!

Blue eyes!

Louisa's best buddy, Zach.

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Steve and Miranda said...

Great pictures. I know it meant the world to Craig's family to have the babies in town for a weekend!

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