Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 2 year 1 month Birthday, Babies!

It seems that turning 2 years old last month has really changed things around our house! Our house has been less than quiet for the last 2 years, but in the last! From the time Reid and Louisa wake up to the time they close their eyes, the words don't ever seem to stop! It is so fun hearing all that they are thinking. Reid is our biggest chatterbox. When he can't think of something to say, he looks around saying, "Uhm, uhm, uhm..." until he spots something that he wants to talk about! It's hilarious. This weekend Louisa woke up first (as she always does) and called to Reid until he woke up, "Bubba?! Bubba?! Boo!!" Finally, I heard him say, "I loooov ooouu, Sissy Cwaire!" It was too precious! Yes, Reid's latest name for Louisa is "Sissy Cwaire."

Louisa doesn't say near as much as Reid (she can barely get a word in!), but she definitely speaks up when she needs/wants to. When we were picking out our Christmas tree this year, we actually saw 6 real live deer playing on the edge of the lot! Louisa and Reid were so excited. As the deer ran away, Louisa kept saying, "I see more deers! I see more deers!" In the last few days, Louisa has been a big girl asking to go sit on her potty! We definitely have a long way to go, but it's a start and we're so proud of her!

Reid and Louisa are both enjoying seeing all of the Christmas decorations. They love looking at the "yights" and seeing "Ca-Cwaus." This year we got a Little People Nativity Set and are working on teaching them the real reason we celebrate Christmas. They know who all the people are, and know where they go. It's so sweet to hear them talk about "Mawy, Jo-jeff, Jejus and Ongel." What an awesome responsibility to teach our precious little ones about Jesus!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Babies!!

November 16th 2007 was a day that forever changed our lives for the better. To say that the last two years have flown by would be a huge understatement. As quickly as the time has passed, it's hard to even remember what our lives were like before you were born. You have grown and changed so much in 2 years…and you make us so incredibly proud!

We haven't gone for your 2 year check up yet, but Louisa you have gone from 2 lbs 11 oz to almost 20 lbs…19 lbs 4 oz to be exact. Hopefully soon we will be able to turn your car seat around! The NICU nurses had you pegged the night you were born…they told us you were a feisty one…and they couldn't have been more right! Your spunk is cute, fun, precious, it makes us laugh, it makes you…you! You will forever be our sweet angel. One day…when you have a little girl…you will know how much we love you. Until then, there is no way that we can explain how precious you are to us.

Reid – you have gone from 4 lbs 15 oz to ~27 lbs…such a big boy! You needed a little "help" from oxygen when you were born and to this day, you prefer to have help or to be with somebody. The way that you say "Momma" as you lay your head on my shoulder absolutely melts me…every single time! I'm pretty sure you realize it too! You are definitely a "Momma's boy", but as you get bigger you are having so much fun playing with your cars with Daddy. Your heart is so big and we pray that you will always keep this sensitive side because it is so much of who you are!

We had a really fun time celebrating your birthday this weekend with your family and friends at Monkey Joe's! You learned quickly from watching your cousins how to jump and bounce and climb up the slides. We're so glad you had a good time! Here are a few pictures from our fun day…

Blowing out the candles…

Our family…

Cake face…

Opening presents…

Having fun…

Playing outside…

Today was your "real birthday" and we woke you up this morning by bringing you pancakes in bed with candles in them and singing "Happy Birthday." Pretty sure neither of you knew what to think, but we wanted you to know how special today, November 16th is! A few pictures playing outside tonight in the leaves…

We had "pieces" (Pizza) for dinner…one of your favorites. Oh, and of course bananas! No meal goes by without you asking for your "nanas!" Then you opened your presents from us.

"Hey, Sissy…what did you get?"

"Hey, Bubba…what did you get??

Sissy and her doll…

Bubba and his "Handy Manny"…


What a fun day…

Happy 2nd Birthday, our sweet Reid and Louisa Claire -we love you!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little Bit O' Hunny

A few pictures of our cute little Hunny Pots on Halloween. Reid and Louisa loved wearing their Hunny Pots to our SS Party and to the church festival, but unfortunately were so busy having fun that they wouldn't stop to look at Mommy's camera!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 23 Month Birthday, Babies!

Another amazingly fun month! Reid and Louisa, with each month your individual personalities seem to shine brighter and brighter.

Reid - you are our little ball of energy! You like to talk, run and play non-stop from the time you get up until your sparkling green eyes close to go to bed. You have gotten really good at naming every object you go around the den pointing and naming everything - "Couch, twuck, ball, Ooh - ball...throw!" You love to watch "Jack's Big Music Show", you often ask for "Jack, peeease!" Blue's Clues is your other favorite.

Last weekend as we were driving to Greenville, you saw the different color leaves and you said, "Wed (red), Owange (orange), Frog (green)!" I love how you say frog instead of green!

Another recent favorite as I was putting you to bed, "Reid, do you love Momma?" You, "YESSSS!!" Thank you, bless your Momma's heart so much!!

Louisa - you are our precious little angel! You are dainty and sweet in so many ways, but you definitely speak your mind when you want to be heard! One of our new nicknames for you is "Sugar and Spice!" You don't talk quite as much as your brother right now, but we know that isn't for lack of knowing exactly what is going on at all times! You are quiet just like your Momma until you feel completely comfortable in a situation. You let others (especially Reid) do the talking while you are quietly figuring everything out on your own. You also love to watch "Jack" and we love to watch you dance to the music. You are so cute changing the way you dance according to whether the music is fast or always find the rhythm...quite impressive for 23 months! You love to crawl up in the bed with us and get under the "ba-bankie (blanket)!"

You have both been doing the sign language for "I love you" for quite a while now. Lately though, Louisa will also say the words "I - wuff - you, Momma!" Oh, sweet girl...if you only knew how much your Momma loves you!

You both love to go to "chuch" (church) and see your "frens" (friends). You love to go play with your friends, of course all the teachers love you and you always get great reports when we pick you up.

My sweet, sweet babies! It is so hard to believe you are almost 2 years old. How incredibly lucky we are to be your parents! We love you sooooooo much! I can't wait to celebrate your 2nd birthday with you next month!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 22 Month Birthday, Babies!

22 months!! Wow! My precious Reid and Louisa - you have grown up so much in the last month! It has really been a fun month watching you run, play, swing, slide and have fun at the pool. You love to go "side" or outside. I love to hear all of the new words you are learning and putting together.

A few days ago a conversation with Reid went like this:
"Reid, do you want to wear this shirt?"
Reid: "Coot" You know, as in Cute!

We're still working on trying to say "Reid" and "Louisa." For now, you both prefer the names "Bubba" and "Sissy"...whether we are asking you your own name, or asking the other one's's Bubba and Sissy. It's absolutely precioius and I'm pretty sure these names will be with you forever!

Reid, you laugh constantly and are just full of energy. You have so much to say and you make us laugh as you babble won't be long and it will all make sense to us! As much as you love to run, jump and be "gotten", you love to be held. You love to hold us and you love to hold your sister. You love to love. Your sweet kisses as you go running by, the way you rub and pat your sweet hands on our backs...please don't ever change the way you love!

Louisa, our serious little one! You spend a lot of time deep in thought, you always like to take everything in and make sure you understand what is going on. You are very inquisitive. You get concerned when somebody leaves the room or even at the mention of somebody's name who isn't there, you want to know, "Go???" You are quite the tenderheart and don't like to see your loved ones cry...whether it's your Bubba or anyone else, you get very concerned and wipe away the tears. Every since you were a tiny, tiny baby, when you smile, you do it with your whole body and those bright blue eyes light up the room.

I think I say it every month, but you make me so proud! Thank you for making me the happiest and luckiest Momma in the world! I love you more than you will ever know!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy 21 Month Birthday, Babies!

This has been such a fun month! Reid and Louisa's vocabulary is about to take off and they have both learned so many new words this month. They are even putting several words together.
Louisa came up and tapped me on the shoulder one day and said "Got choo!" then ran away giggling, waiting for me to come get her. Louisa is usually the first to rise every morning - giggling and saying "Boo" until Reid wakes up. The first thing she says when we get her out of bed is "Bubba?" She wants to make sure we're going to get him up too! Oh, how she loves her brother! Other favorites right now are the word "go", but it's used as a question when she wants to know where did something "go?" Louisa has learned to pull on our heartstrings even more by the way she holds out her tiny little hands and says, "Hold?" I'd hold you forever, sweet girl, if I could!
Reid has lots of new words, but one of his favorites is "hots." Everything we give him, everything he touches is "hots" (not sure where the extra 's' came from on the end, but it's cute for now!). Oh, and there is a cute wrinkled up face that goes along with the word "hots." Reid and Louisa have both become big fans of Blue's Clues. Reid notices when the paw print shows up and yells "a cue!" (clue). He also says "botebook" or his form of "notebook" when they get out the "handy, dandy, notebook!" At the end of any show, Reid & Louisa both wave and say "Bye!" to the characters.

Nanas are still the favorite food, but Reid and Louisa both eat most anything. Even cantelope or "lllllll-ope" as they call it!
I love the fun side that I see coming out more and more every day. Playing in "forts" that Daddy builds, playing ring-around-the-rosies, dancing to any music you hear. Laughing, playing and having so much fun together. Running by me and stopping just to pat me on the shoulder or plant a big kiss right on my lips. These are only some of the sweet moments that I wish I could bottle up and hold onto forever. You're growing up more everyday and I couldn't be more proud. I love you, my angels - you'll always be my sweet babies!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy 20 Month Birthday, Babies!

20 months old and oh sooooooo sweet!! We've had a lot of fun this month. The weather has been nice and you have really enjoyed playing outside. You both love the water and have a good time splashing around in your little pool. I think mostly you just like drinking the water or pouring it out of the pool!

You like to color, but really love "reading" your books. You have gotten so good at recognizing the animals, shapes, etc that we read about. One of your favorite books has songs in it – Daddy and I usually barely get the first word of the songs out before you recognize it and start doing the motions.

The differences between girl and boy are amazing to watch, especially knowing you have been exposed to exactly the same things at the same times. Reid loves his trucks, balls and making Momma and Daddy laugh. Your laughter is so contagious...even when we're trying to discipline you! Louisa loves her dolls and Maggie! I think you would probably be okay with Maggie sleeping in your crib with you if we allowed her to!

You are learning to be Momma's helpers...before bed, we put all of the toys "nigh-night" by putting them in the toy boxes. Louisa especially does a great job of helping and finding every.single.toy...even the ones hidden under the couch! Reid is a great helper too. There have been times when you think it's hilarious to watch the other one throw ALL of the toys back out of the box right after we put them away.

I love to watch your imaginations at work…you like to pretend to feed us pizza (this came from your favorite Big Bird video). There definitely seems to be truth to what I've always heard about twins having their own language…you two definitely understand what each other are talking about! I love listening to you over the monitor before or after you sleep. Louisa usually wakes up first, then laughs, giggles, squeals and says "Pee-a-boo" until Reid wakes up and joins in.

You both get so excited to see each other, even after you wake up from naps…you're so excited to see your best friend is there to play with. You show us how much you love each other through your kisses, hugs and concern for each other when something is wrong…if you only knew how much it means to me to see how much you love each other.

My sweet, sweet babies. Thank you for the blessings that you give me each day. The thought of coming home to you every day after work gets me through the day! I'm proud that you are my chldren and I'm proud to be your mom. I hope that one day you will have your own little angels so you will know just ho much I love you!! I love you my angels!

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