Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy 20 Month Birthday, Babies!

20 months old and oh sooooooo sweet!! We've had a lot of fun this month. The weather has been nice and you have really enjoyed playing outside. You both love the water and have a good time splashing around in your little pool. I think mostly you just like drinking the water or pouring it out of the pool!

You like to color, but really love "reading" your books. You have gotten so good at recognizing the animals, shapes, etc that we read about. One of your favorite books has songs in it – Daddy and I usually barely get the first word of the songs out before you recognize it and start doing the motions.

The differences between girl and boy are amazing to watch, especially knowing you have been exposed to exactly the same things at the same times. Reid loves his trucks, balls and making Momma and Daddy laugh. Your laughter is so contagious...even when we're trying to discipline you! Louisa loves her dolls and Maggie! I think you would probably be okay with Maggie sleeping in your crib with you if we allowed her to!

You are learning to be Momma's helpers...before bed, we put all of the toys "nigh-night" by putting them in the toy boxes. Louisa especially does a great job of helping and finding every.single.toy...even the ones hidden under the couch! Reid is a great helper too. There have been times when you think it's hilarious to watch the other one throw ALL of the toys back out of the box right after we put them away.

I love to watch your imaginations at work…you like to pretend to feed us pizza (this came from your favorite Big Bird video). There definitely seems to be truth to what I've always heard about twins having their own language…you two definitely understand what each other are talking about! I love listening to you over the monitor before or after you sleep. Louisa usually wakes up first, then laughs, giggles, squeals and says "Pee-a-boo" until Reid wakes up and joins in.

You both get so excited to see each other, even after you wake up from naps…you're so excited to see your best friend is there to play with. You show us how much you love each other through your kisses, hugs and concern for each other when something is wrong…if you only knew how much it means to me to see how much you love each other.

My sweet, sweet babies. Thank you for the blessings that you give me each day. The thought of coming home to you every day after work gets me through the day! I'm proud that you are my chldren and I'm proud to be your mom. I hope that one day you will have your own little angels so you will know just ho much I love you!! I love you my angels!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pigtails for the Princess and a Haircut for the Big Boy!

Does it get...
Much cuter......than this???
This momma sure doesn't think so!! Louisa's hair has really grown a lot lately, so one of the first things she says when she gets up is, "Bair bow?" as in, "Can I please get a hair bow to get my hair out of my eyes?!?" So, pigtails have quickly become our favorite new hairstyle.

But Louisa says...don't worry...

Even with pigtails...
I can still...
Twirl my hair...
Just like...My Momma taught me :)
Look at our Big Boy with his new haircut...

Our neighbor, Laura, gave Reid his first haircut. He was an absolute angel the whole time! I definitely think it helped that he was watching cartoons on their big screen TV :) That first haircut made such a was like with just a few snips of his hair, he went from my baby to my big boy. I miss the baby look, but it really was time for a cut. And...look how handsome he is with his new do!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Visiting Papa and Grammie

Finally catching up on the blog a little bit! In May we went to St. Mary's to visit Craig's family. We had fun staying with Grammie and Papa...I think they had fun too seeing their great-grandchildren!

I walked out to the dock one afternoon and saw Louisa and Grammie "having a chat" - I love this silhouette picture!
Papa and Craig took the babies on a ride in Papa's Club Car.
Papa reading with the babies.
Papa getting some of the sweetest sugar there is!!
Reid talking to Papa about his shirt.Aunt JJ kissing on Reid
Aunt KB had her arms full!Just having fun...

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