Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy 21 Month Birthday, Babies!

This has been such a fun month! Reid and Louisa's vocabulary is about to take off and they have both learned so many new words this month. They are even putting several words together.
Louisa came up and tapped me on the shoulder one day and said "Got choo!" then ran away giggling, waiting for me to come get her. Louisa is usually the first to rise every morning - giggling and saying "Boo" until Reid wakes up. The first thing she says when we get her out of bed is "Bubba?" She wants to make sure we're going to get him up too! Oh, how she loves her brother! Other favorites right now are the word "go", but it's used as a question when she wants to know where did something "go?" Louisa has learned to pull on our heartstrings even more by the way she holds out her tiny little hands and says, "Hold?" I'd hold you forever, sweet girl, if I could!
Reid has lots of new words, but one of his favorites is "hots." Everything we give him, everything he touches is "hots" (not sure where the extra 's' came from on the end, but it's cute for now!). Oh, and there is a cute wrinkled up face that goes along with the word "hots." Reid and Louisa have both become big fans of Blue's Clues. Reid notices when the paw print shows up and yells "a cue!" (clue). He also says "botebook" or his form of "notebook" when they get out the "handy, dandy, notebook!" At the end of any show, Reid & Louisa both wave and say "Bye!" to the characters.

Nanas are still the favorite food, but Reid and Louisa both eat most anything. Even cantelope or "lllllll-ope" as they call it!
I love the fun side that I see coming out more and more every day. Playing in "forts" that Daddy builds, playing ring-around-the-rosies, dancing to any music you hear. Laughing, playing and having so much fun together. Running by me and stopping just to pat me on the shoulder or plant a big kiss right on my lips. These are only some of the sweet moments that I wish I could bottle up and hold onto forever. You're growing up more everyday and I couldn't be more proud. I love you, my angels - you'll always be my sweet babies!

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