Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 23 Month Birthday, Babies!

Another amazingly fun month! Reid and Louisa, with each month your individual personalities seem to shine brighter and brighter.

Reid - you are our little ball of energy! You like to talk, run and play non-stop from the time you get up until your sparkling green eyes close to go to bed. You have gotten really good at naming every object you go around the den pointing and naming everything - "Couch, twuck, ball, Ooh - ball...throw!" You love to watch "Jack's Big Music Show", you often ask for "Jack, peeease!" Blue's Clues is your other favorite.

Last weekend as we were driving to Greenville, you saw the different color leaves and you said, "Wed (red), Owange (orange), Frog (green)!" I love how you say frog instead of green!

Another recent favorite as I was putting you to bed, "Reid, do you love Momma?" You, "YESSSS!!" Thank you, bless your Momma's heart so much!!

Louisa - you are our precious little angel! You are dainty and sweet in so many ways, but you definitely speak your mind when you want to be heard! One of our new nicknames for you is "Sugar and Spice!" You don't talk quite as much as your brother right now, but we know that isn't for lack of knowing exactly what is going on at all times! You are quiet just like your Momma until you feel completely comfortable in a situation. You let others (especially Reid) do the talking while you are quietly figuring everything out on your own. You also love to watch "Jack" and we love to watch you dance to the music. You are so cute changing the way you dance according to whether the music is fast or always find the rhythm...quite impressive for 23 months! You love to crawl up in the bed with us and get under the "ba-bankie (blanket)!"

You have both been doing the sign language for "I love you" for quite a while now. Lately though, Louisa will also say the words "I - wuff - you, Momma!" Oh, sweet girl...if you only knew how much your Momma loves you!

You both love to go to "chuch" (church) and see your "frens" (friends). You love to go play with your friends, of course all the teachers love you and you always get great reports when we pick you up.

My sweet, sweet babies! It is so hard to believe you are almost 2 years old. How incredibly lucky we are to be your parents! We love you sooooooo much! I can't wait to celebrate your 2nd birthday with you next month!

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