Monday, October 29, 2007

Change of Perspective

As you can hopefully see from the video clip, our little boy seems to be doing great! However, it looks like when he is born he will need a long lesson in sharing with his sister! At my appointment with Dr. Ware on Thursday, they measured the babies again and according to their measurements, baby boy was 3 lb 10 oz and baby girl was only 2 lbs. Big difference from the week before at Dr. Williams office. The measurements are not precise by any means, so we are thinking that they are both somewhere in between the two measurements. Since he is continuing to get quite a bit larger and she is not growing near as much, Dr. Ware has put me on bed rest until the babies come. She explained that he is actually compressing her cord, so she isn't getting all the nutrients that she needs and the more energy that I exert by walking around, etc. the more blood flow, calories, nutrients that I am requiring for myself which means those are nutrients that the babies (specifically the girl) are not getting. Obvisously this was a HUGE shock to us. We woke up that morning and were getting ready to go to the doctor and I said to Craig, "Today is 30 weeks and we're all doing great!" How quickly our perspective changed! Dr. Ware's biggest concern right now is getting the little girl to pick up weight, so I am now drinking 3 protein drinks a day in addition to my gallon of water and of course my normal meals. I stay pretty full most of the time but...whatever the babies need to keep growing! The good thing is that at this point the doctors don't have any reason for concern that I will deliver early since I am not having any contractions or any other signs of early labor. Hopefully with the extra rest I will be able to wait until 37-38 weeks to deliver. Dr. Ware also wants me to be monitored twice a week, so they will be keeping a very close watch on me and the babies to make sure everybody is doing okay.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. This recent turn of events means a lot of adjustments for everyone and the way we thought things would go. Clearly God is in control of this situation and He has a perfect plan for how and when our little miracles will arrive!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

29 Week Report

The babies are definitely growing! At Friday's appointment (29 weeks, 1 day) Baby Boy measured 3 lbs 1 oz and Baby Girl measured 2 lbs 5 oz. There is still a big difference in their sizes, but they seem to be growing at about the same rate (just over a pound) since the last time they were measured. It's always so neat to see what they are doing inside of me. Baby Boy was holding up his index finger as if to say, "I'm 1st" or "I'm #1" which of course we already knew by his weight! Meanwhile, Sister was folded in half as she often is with her toes touching her forehead...maybe she'll be a gymnist one day. Hopefully next week we'll have more baby pictures to post.

Friday, October 12, 2007

28 weeks

Not too much exciting going on this week...which is a good thing! We like non-exciting weeeks because that means babies are kicking and growing and everything is as it should be. We went to see Dr. Ware (the specialist) yesterday and she was pleased overall. Apparently baby boy is still taking up some of his sister's space. While they both have plenty of fluid, she is only using a small part of her space because big brother keeps taking her space and pushing her in the corner (I think this is usually under the ribs on my right side!). So, doc wants me to add a protein drink to my diet each day to hopefully help little girl pick up some more weight, which means brother will pick up more weight as well, which means Mommy will pick up more weight too! Mommy is more than okay with that as long as the babies are getting what they need. We have appointments (and sonograms) the next 2 Fridays, so we will get measurements on both babies and see if baby girl is catching up in size.

The picture I'm posting was taken at 27 weeks...I'm sure that I've grown even more in the last week!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Wow. It's already October 2nd and as each day, week and month passes that means we are closer and closer to meeting our 2 little ones! I am now 26 1/2 weeks pregnant. The doctor has said that he won't let me go past 38 weeks (Dec. 20th) so at most we only have 11 1/2 more weeks until the babies come. I think we get more excited with each week that passes and definitely with each sonogram as we get to see how big they are and what they look like. We had a 4-D ultrasound done at 25 weeks and it was amazing. They estimated that our baby boy weighed 1 lb 13 oz and our baby girl weighed 1 lb 4 oz. A pretty big difference between the two babies, but the boy has always measured bigger than his sister. The doctor thinks everything is fine, but she does want to keep a watch on them to make sure brother is sharing the food with his little sister. The babies are constantly moving...which I love to feel. Each little movement (well, the movements are starting to not feel so little anymore) is reassuring to me that they are doing okay. Sometimes it really feels like they are playing when they both start moving at the same time...we can't wait to see them play and interact when they are born. It will be here before we know it! We have sonograms scheduled again in the next few weeks, so I will try to update with new pictures afterwards. Right now we think baby boy looks more like Momma and baby girl definitely looks like Daddy!

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