Monday, October 29, 2007

Change of Perspective

As you can hopefully see from the video clip, our little boy seems to be doing great! However, it looks like when he is born he will need a long lesson in sharing with his sister! At my appointment with Dr. Ware on Thursday, they measured the babies again and according to their measurements, baby boy was 3 lb 10 oz and baby girl was only 2 lbs. Big difference from the week before at Dr. Williams office. The measurements are not precise by any means, so we are thinking that they are both somewhere in between the two measurements. Since he is continuing to get quite a bit larger and she is not growing near as much, Dr. Ware has put me on bed rest until the babies come. She explained that he is actually compressing her cord, so she isn't getting all the nutrients that she needs and the more energy that I exert by walking around, etc. the more blood flow, calories, nutrients that I am requiring for myself which means those are nutrients that the babies (specifically the girl) are not getting. Obvisously this was a HUGE shock to us. We woke up that morning and were getting ready to go to the doctor and I said to Craig, "Today is 30 weeks and we're all doing great!" How quickly our perspective changed! Dr. Ware's biggest concern right now is getting the little girl to pick up weight, so I am now drinking 3 protein drinks a day in addition to my gallon of water and of course my normal meals. I stay pretty full most of the time but...whatever the babies need to keep growing! The good thing is that at this point the doctors don't have any reason for concern that I will deliver early since I am not having any contractions or any other signs of early labor. Hopefully with the extra rest I will be able to wait until 37-38 weeks to deliver. Dr. Ware also wants me to be monitored twice a week, so they will be keeping a very close watch on me and the babies to make sure everybody is doing okay.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. This recent turn of events means a lot of adjustments for everyone and the way we thought things would go. Clearly God is in control of this situation and He has a perfect plan for how and when our little miracles will arrive!

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Steve and Miranda said...

My advice to you, even though I've never been in your exact situation, is to really have conversation with God during this time and see why it is God wants YOU to be still right now:) I can't wait to come visit and see that belly!

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