Thursday, November 1, 2007

31 Weeks!!

It's really hard for us to believe that today is 31 weeks! I have people tell me all the time that it seems like my pregnancy has gone by really fast and I have to agree! The last week has been a bit slow and trying with all of the stress and anxiety of doctor's appointments and bed rest and worrying about the babies, but...we made it through. Craig has done a great job of taking care of me, fixing my meals, making sure that I don't do more than I'm supposed to and making sure I stay calm despite the frustrations of the week.
The babies seem to be doing okay. The doctors won't measure them again for another 2 weeks : ( We are very anxious to see if all of the extra rest and protein drinks are helping our baby girl get bigger. I have definitely been feeling her move more, so hopefully that means she's growing or maybe it means that her brother is actually letting her stretch out a little bit. It's hard to think of him actually letting her have room to move around with all of the moving and stretching that he does. His new thing is to push the inside of my belly button with what I think is his can see the picture...I don't think my belly button needs any more help sticking out! If I had to guess from the way that these two act inside of me, I would say that he is really going to be a character...definitely the bold and rowdy one. While our precious little princess is going to be dainty and sweet...definitely one to sit back and evaluate things before she engages. Only time will tell if my mother's intuition is right about our babies. Hopefully only another 6-7 weeks!

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