Saturday, November 3, 2007

The one who REALLY runs our house...

If you know us well, you know that MAGGIE runs our house. She "directs" us as to when she wants to be in or out of the house, and when she wants Belle to be in or out of the house. For such a tiny little dog, she certainly has a lot of attitude in her eyes when she looks at us. We are very interested to see how she reacts when she's not the only baby in the house. I'm sure she'll be jealous when she's not getting all of the attention like she is used to and I think our other problem will be keeping her from taking all of the babies toys and blankets. Maggie came in the den the other night with a baby rattle in her mouth, knowing it wasn't hers because she just dropped it and looked up at us as if to say, "I know it's not mine, but can I pleeeeeeeeease have it??" All I said was "Maggie, that's not yours" and she tucked her head and walked out of the room.

This picture of Belle is from a few years ago. She's often hard to get a picture of because she doesn't like to get far enough away from you so you can actually get a picture...she just wants to be as close as possible to you at all times.

Maggie and Belle are definitely our first 2 children so I thought they should make an appearance on the website too.

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Vivian said...

Oh! Look at Maggie! She's a replica of Chocolate except Chocolate has short hair and she is a miniature. I have to agree with you though, Chocolate is the head of the Hu's household. But I can't live without my first baby girl! ;o)~

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