Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our 2 Little Miracles...

To make a very long story short, on Friday, November 16th, after a week long stay in the hospital the doctors decided it was best for everyone (me and the babies) for the babies to be delivered at only 33 weeks and 1 day.

So...Kenneth "Reid" was born at 6:55 pm. He weighed 4 lb 15 oz and was 16 3/4" long. Our little Louisa Claire was born at 6:56 weighing only 2 lb 11 oz and 15" long.

Reid needed a little help breathing when he was born. He was on the c-pap, then nasal canula but he is now breathing completely on his own! He progressed really quickly and we are quite proud of him! The doctors said that hopefully he will be home in the next 7-10 days. He still needs to learn to drink his whole bottle (he is currently getting 2 bottles a day and the rest he gets through a feeding tube). We just came from the hospital and Reid finished his whole bottle for the second night in a row (Yeah, Reid!!). He'll have to keep this up for a few days before they increase him to 3 bottles a day. He is quite handsome and for the last few days our nurses have named him the good boy of the nursery!

When Louisa was born, our tiny girl came out breathing completely on her own, not requiring any help at all! This week has been quite rough for Louisa. On Sunday she started acting not like her normal, fiesty self and we could tell something was wrong. By Monday it was determined that she had an infection. She was put on antibiotics and is now acting more like herself again. She is still a little pale and weak, but she is doing much better. She will stay on the antibiotics for another 8 days to make sure the infection is completely gone. It was a very scary couple of days, but with lots of prayer she is getting better. Louisa is up to 2 lb 15 oz now, so she still needs to gain a bit of weight before she can come home. She will also have to maintain her own body temperature and be able to take all of her feedings by bottle (she is now getting 2 bottles a day). She has already proven to be quite strong and the nurses tell us that we are really going to have to watch her because she is so fiesty! We don't really understand what they are talking about because every time we go to see her she is sleeping like a perfect little angel! Of course as her parents we couldn't be biased or anything! We are praying that Louisa will grow quickly so she can be home by Christmas. We are so excited for the day when our babies will both be home with us!

We have been truly blessed with wonderful doctors and nurses. From the decision to deliver when I did, to the care for the babies in the Special Care Nursery since the babies were born, we know that we have had the absolute best medical care possible. We wish so much that our babies were at home with us now, but we know that they are getting wonderful care at University Hospital.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for our family. We have felt those prayers and know that our babies would not be doing as well as they are without those prayers.

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