Friday, October 12, 2007

28 weeks

Not too much exciting going on this week...which is a good thing! We like non-exciting weeeks because that means babies are kicking and growing and everything is as it should be. We went to see Dr. Ware (the specialist) yesterday and she was pleased overall. Apparently baby boy is still taking up some of his sister's space. While they both have plenty of fluid, she is only using a small part of her space because big brother keeps taking her space and pushing her in the corner (I think this is usually under the ribs on my right side!). So, doc wants me to add a protein drink to my diet each day to hopefully help little girl pick up some more weight, which means brother will pick up more weight as well, which means Mommy will pick up more weight too! Mommy is more than okay with that as long as the babies are getting what they need. We have appointments (and sonograms) the next 2 Fridays, so we will get measurements on both babies and see if baby girl is catching up in size.

The picture I'm posting was taken at 27 weeks...I'm sure that I've grown even more in the last week!


SB Moore said...

Congratulations Craig & Carrie. I hope that your two little ones will make you as happy as mine have me. Good Luck and if you guys need anything let me know!!

Steve and Miranda said...

You look so cute, Carrie! I can't wait to see you in person in a couple of weeks. Thanks for setting up the blog-I will defintely bookmark it and check it frequently!

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