Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Belated Mother's Day Post...

We went to Carrie's parents house for Mother's Day and spent Sunday afternoon on the farm with my parents. As the pictures show, everyone had a great time...

Mommy and her babies!

Aunt Tina and the twins doing a "sandwich!"

Mommy and Grammy loving babies.

Grammy receiving gifts.

Everyone wanted a photo with Louisa and Reid!

We love you Mommy!

Both sets of twins with Alex and Aunt Tina.

Matthew getting a little sugar!

Ava and Grammy.


Mimi and the babies!

Mimi and PawPaw holding Reid and Louisa.

Mimi loving on Louisa.

Louisa cheesing at Mimi.

Reid thinks PawPaw is funny!

Emma Catherine and Reid.

Pretty girls!

Abigail and Reid.

Abigail worried about Louisa!

Abigail making Louisa feel better...too sweet!

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Malissa and Brad said...

Happy Mother's Day. What a blessing to see all of these beautiful babies and their mommies. Carrie, you are an amazing mother!

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