Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Overdue post

Wow, things seem to have gotten really busy at our house! Craig has mostly been out of the house the last few weeks working so I've been at home alone with the babies during the day, treasuring every minute with them! I have even ventured out to the doctor twice with Reid and Louisa (on my own...no help!) It is quite a lot to handle, but in a way, kind of a fun experience and I guess a sense of accomplishment that I can do it! It really made me wish that I could take them out for fun and to show them off to everyone, but both times we went straight to the doctor and straight home...no stopping to talk to anyone : ( We still have at least a month and a half before RSV season is over and we can even think about going anywhere besides the doctors office. The threat of RSV became a little more real to me yesterday when my friend told me her little girl has RSV!

As for the doctor's visits...on 1/9 Reid weighed 7 lb 14 oz and Louisa hit the 5 lb mark! We went back on 1/18 and Reid was up to 8 lb 10 oz and Louisa was 5 lb 7 oz. Both are getting so big and their appearance is really changing...especially Louisa. Her face is really filling in. It's amazing to look back at the pictures when she was born...she was so tiny and fragile. We are so blessed that both babies are growing and healthy!

I've been thinking for a few days that both babies were on the verge of smiling at me (non-gas induced smiling!) and yesterday I definitely got several smiles from Louisa. It made my day! She was so cute...each time she kind of wrinkled up her nose then had a big smile. Reid gave me a smile last night too...he is much more relaxed about it while Louisa was a little dramatic, making sure that I saw her. I pretty much think that's going to be the way it is with everything with these two! Hopefully in the next few days I can capture the smiling on video.

Last Wednesday (January 16th) was a special day for two reasons. First, it was the babies 2 month birthday! Hard to believe it's been 2 months already! It really doesn't seem like that long...I guess because the first 3 1/2 weeks are hard to count since they weren't at home with us. Anyway the 2nd reason the 16th was special is that after much anticipation of whether cousin #9 would be a girl or a boy, Miss Ava Caroline Brown was born!! Unfortunately I've only seen a picture of her since we can't go visit, but she is absolutely beautiful with a head full of dark hair. Ava weighed 7 lb 11 oz (bigger than both of our babies at 9 weeks!). I think Emma Catherine (6)is probably one of the most excited that she has a little sister. Matthew (4) told Malissa, "I wanted a boy, you Silly!" but of course he continues to be the sweet, caring older brother telling Ava, "It's okay, Matthew is here!" So sweet! I think Andrew (2) is warming up to the idea of his little sister, but I'm not sure it has hit him that he's not the baby anymore. I can't wait for Reid and Louisa to meet ALL of their cousins - Malissa's crew and Christina's crew ( (Alex (5), Abigail and Benjamin (17 months)) and get a picture of them all together! I think when they get bigger it will be neat to see Reid and Louisa with their older twin cousins.

Speaking of pictures, I have taken quite a few pictures lately and will get some posted in the next few days.

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