Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's In a Name??

So much thought goes into naming babies. One of the books that we looked at when thinking of names for our babies had 100,000 names in it. Seriously, do you think all 100,000 of those names are actually a real person’s name? Anyway, I thought I would explain the background behind Reid and Louisa’s names and tell you a few of the nicknames they have acquired.

Kenneth “Reid” Harrison – Kenneth is Craig’s grandfather’s name, so Craig has always wanted to name his little boy after Papa. Reid just happened to be a name that we came across in the huge name book that we liked.

Louisa Claire Harrison – My grandmother’s name and my Mom’s middle name is Louise. I was extremely close to my grandmother (we shared the same birthday), so I have always wanted to name my little girl after her. I had a friend named Claire growing up and I have always loved the name.

Reid and Louisa have acquired many, many nicknames in their 3 short months of life. I thought I would list a few…

"Reid-Muffin" or "Reider Muffin" or sometimes just "Muffin"– He’s just so darn cute and huggable…you just want to eat him!
"Cuddly Bear" – Again, he’s so huggable and cuddly!
"Stinky" – Wow, is he a boy!
"Billy Goat" – Reid does a great billy goat impression with some of the noises he makes
"Brother" / "Bubby"

"Little Bo Peep" – She likes to “peep” at you with her eyes just barely open, it seems that at night she sometimes loses her sheep and has nothing to count!
"Angel" – Because when she’s sleeping she looks like an absolute angel in complete peace
"Sister" / "Sissy"
"Doodle" or "Doodlebug" - Because Jane calls me "Doodle" and we think it also fits Louisa!

I'm sure there will be many more nicknames to come over the years!

Now, because I think posts are always better with pictures...

Our Littlest Valentine!
One of Louisa's new silly faces...I think she was trying out a closed mouth smile
Reid deep in thought
Reid always has "Lots of Love" to share with us!


The Hu's said...

Louisa and Reid has gotten so big. I can't believe how time flies. Carrie, how are you holding up being away from your babies?

lseger said...

Look at those darling children, Carrie, Craig God must love you so much to entrust you to raise Reid and Louisa for HIS glory. Thanks for the namesake, it means more than I can express. They are so blessed to have a lot(7 so far) of beautiful cousins in the family. I am having withdrawls for Reid and Louisa.
love you all. Mom Seger

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