Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pink Eye!!

I don't think pink eye could ever be fun, but especially not with 5 month old twins! Yes, BOTH babies contracted pink eye! They caught it last Wednesday (it started showing on Thursday) and we have been fighting it with drops since then. So far, Craig and I have managed to avoid catching it(as well as my parents who were here this weekend). Reid has only kept it in one eye, as of tonight, Louisa now has it in both eyes. It is SOOOOOOO frustrating, not to mention it's just sad to look at their pitiful little eyes all red and gunky! We're praying that it will clear up quickly and that we can keep from passing it through the family again.

Tomorrow we take the babies for their 5 month check -up :) We are hopeful that they have both put on a good bit of weight...stay tuned!

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