Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's New with Reid & Louisa...

Lots of new things going on!! Reid and Louisa are both becoming much more vocal. Reid makes a lot of sounds that sound like babababababa and my favorite...mamamamama!! Louisa wanted to make Daddy happy so she started out with more of a dadadadada sound. Both are absolutely adorable! Louisa is doing a crazy crawling/scooting type of motion...I don't really think it qualifies for crawling yet...she kind of scoots on her face/shoulder while on her toes and twisting her body sideways. So, it's not a traditional form of crawling, but it gets her where she wants to go. We definitely have to be careful where we leave her now because she will NOT be in the same spot when we come back. I think Reid knows his sister will roll/scoot and bring him toys so he's not very motivated yet!
Last weekend we went to Fort Mill for Alex's 6th Birthday party. Here are a few pictures from the weekend...
This is one of Reid's favorite silly faces...we call it the "old man"
So Happy!!!

Louisa loves her cousin Emma Catherine!
Louisa's funny face is because this is right before she started "talking." She was practicing the talking motion with her mouth, but no sound was coming out. She kept doing it over and over until she was out of breath...she finally got the sound to come out with the motion :)

Reid Louisa and Ava...everybody doing their own favorite motion
Future musician???
"Oh My!"
The Birthday Boy enjoying pizza with friends at his Pirate Pool Party.Reid enjoying floating in the pool
Aunt Malissa, Ava, Reid, Mommy and Louisa
Louisa enjoying her first pizza crust!

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