Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy 14 Month Birthday, Babies!!

With all of the new stuff that they are doing, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to call Reid & Louisa babies!! Luckily, I think part of the priviledge of being their mom means that I will always be able to call them my babies :)

I would say the biggest update is that on Wednesday night, our Little Louisa decided that she would walk across the den...completely unprompted and unassisted!! Craig and I were quite surprised and judging by the smile on Louisa's face, she was just as proud as we were! She and Reid have both been taking 5-6 steps on their own for a few weeks. She has taken several more "long walks" but crawling his still her preferred method of getting where she is going.

I still have Christmas pictures to post...hopefully I will get those up this weekend. I love the picture above of Reid & Louisa looking at books in their room. The picture below captures the sweet smiles that Reid & Louisa often exchange when playing together. They get so excited to see the other one and just be close to each absolutely melts their momma's heart! I pray that they will always remain this close!

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