Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy 18 Month Birthday, Babies!

Oh, my sweet babies! It won't be much longer and I won't be able to call you babies anymore (Well, I'll probably always call you my babies…even when you aren't!). Every day you are both saying and doing something new. With each new word and action, your personalities seem to come out even more. You are both very curious and inquisitive…you want to know what everything is and you ask by saying, "Dat?" or "Dis?" Sometimes you ask over, and over, and over again. And of course we answer because you're just so cute asking! You try to repeat so much of what we say…one of my favorites is hearing you say "There you go!" Just this week you learned how to call the squirrels by going to the back window and calling "Quirrels, quirrels!" and making kissing noises…so precious! Louisa you know that you are a "Good Girl" and you like to tell us so. You both really like "Cookies" and "Hot Gogs." One of our favorite things to do is to sit outside on the front steps in the evenings until Daddy comes home. When you see his car coming up the street you both get so excited and start waving at him. Your love for each other seems to grow stronger each day…you'll never know how much it blesses me to see you hugging and kissing each other or bringing a paci or toy to the other one when crying. My hope is that you will always be this close to each other. I miss you when I'm away from you, and I cherish every minute that I am with you. It's hard to believe it has been 18 months since you came into our lives. Without a doubt, those have been the best 18 months of my life. You are so precious to me…your Momma loves you more than I could ever tell you.

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