Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Stuff and New Pics

Change, change, much change going on! Here are a few of the new things Reid & Louisa are doing:
  • Reid has a new "Monster" voice
  • Louisa can now wave and clap
  • We need a translator if anyone speaks "Twin-ese!" Reid and Louisa have become much more vocal with each other, often going back and forth. The other night they were in their high chairs and the conversation went like this:

R: "Ma-ma" L: "Da-da" R: "Ma-ma" L: "Da-da"

They went on like this for quite some time. Too cute!

  • Reid & Louisa also love to "get" each other. This can be just catching the other one's eye, smiling, patting on the other one, or pulling the other one's all fun to them! It is so precious to hear them squeal with excitement just to be around each other.
  • Time to move the crib mattresses down! It's pretty normal now to go into R&L's room and find them standing in their cribs...usually at the ends that face each other :) They always have to know where the other one is!
  • After almost 11 months you would think Mommy could change a diaper without letting her little guy sprinkle all over, right?!? Apparently not!! Yes, Reid went all over himself and the mantle the other night. I was in such shock because it hadn't happened in so long that I just stood there forgetting to cover "it" up. Ooops!

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