Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On the move!!

Seriously, time is flying and my babies are growing up before my very eyes! 2 weeks ago Reid cut his top 2 teeth and has another top tooth almost through, last week Louisa cut 1 (the other is coming). 2 weeks ago Louisa started crawling, last week, Reid decided to join her. Over the last few days, both babies have started pulling up on EVERYTHING…the couch, their toys, the toy basket, each other (this one doesn’t usually yield the end result they were going for and somebody usually gets hurt!)

So, last night we got out the video camera because Reid and Louisa were being so cute playing together and standing up to their toy when Louisa just decided to let go and stand completely on her own for a good 15-20 seconds!! We couldn’t believe it. If that wasn’t enough for one night, a few minutes later she turned from the toy she was playing with, let go with one hand so she could reach the couch, then proceeded to “cruise” all the way down the couch!! And let me say that she was quite pleased with herself the whole way! It appears as though our babies are not going to be happy sitting on their bottoms from here on out because last night and today they have only been happy when standing. My first thought is, “My babies are growing up so fast!! Can they really be almost a year old?!?” My second thought is “How am I going to get a good picture of them now?!? They are never going to sit or stand still now!!”

As hard as I am trying to hold on to my babies and keep them that way, I am failing miserably!! So, I guess I just need to sit back and watch and enjoy them growing up…even if it is all happening WAY TOO FAST!! With each new little thing that they are doing, I am counting our blessings. We are so incredibly blessed with two healthy, happy babies. My heart is so full with all of the joy that Reid and Louisa bring daily!

By the way, October officially marks the 1 year anniversary of when I started the blog. Take a look back at how different things were a year ago! October 2007 By the way, we were TOTALLY wrong about who we thought Reid & Louisa would look like!

Louisa on her way to the kitchen (talking the whole way). Crawl a few steps...
Then rest!!
Reid loves his football!
Our sweet girl crawling
Our sweet boy crawling

Having fun togetherSo happy and so excited.

Louisa exhausted after her evening of activity!

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Malissa and Brad said...

What cuties! There is just something different about the babies when you see them standing. It is pretty amazing to see how much they have learned to do by themselves in just one year. Life is definately going to get infinitely harder for you in the next few months(unless you know how to be in atleast 2 places at once). You can always bring them to my house. We always have babysitters at my house--even Andrew gets to help. See you soon. Malissa

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