Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reid & Louisa in action

Just a few pictures of the little ones having fun...

Look what came in my Gymboree box!! What a great package!
Mr. Mischief
R&L's favorite place...by the window. Okay by me...I never get tired of looking at how cute they are from behind when they are standing next to each other!
See...I told you this is their favorite spot! Another tiny hiney shot!!
I think this one qualifies as "Double Trouble!" They got caught in a spot they KNOW they aren't supposed to be in!!
Playing with their buddy, Riley at the Super Bowl party
Too precious of Louisa and friend Caroline looking at each other!
Louisa loves to feel the air from the ball popper toy blow her hair up. She's been doing this for about 20 minutes every night for the last several nights.

Louisa LOVES her new scarf!! Unfortunately, this picture doesn't capture the huge smile she had as she wore the scarf around the den last night!

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