Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 15 Month Birthday, Babies!!

15 months...and so much fun!! Reid and Louisa are walking everywhere, so inquisitive, flirtatious, giggly, loving, precious...I could go on all night! Everyday they are doing or saying something new. They love each other soooooo much and it just makes my heart so happy to see them together! They smile, giggle, squeal when they see the other one and they are too sweet when they kiss each other.

Louisa Claire
Oh, my precious Louisa Claire! This tiny angel just makes me want to squeeze her and hold on tight to her...forever!! Her squeals, her bright blue eyes, her wrinkly-nose smile...just a few of the things that make Louisa Louisa...and why we love her so much. Louisa loves Maggie, "Bubby" and she loves the way the ball popper makes her hair blow. She's quite proud of herself walking and so are we!
Does this sweet boy love to laugh! He laughs at "Sissy", Maggie, his toys, himself...and everytime it makes me smile. His laughter and smiles are so contagious! And watch out for those flirty eyes...he definitely has his Mommy wrapped! Reid loves to ride on his giraffe, throw "touch downs"(with every toy...not just the football!), bananas are his favorite, and he adores his little sister! Reid listens really well and he is definitely going to have a tender heart!

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UNCFAN said...

They are growing up so fast! I remember when they were born, and now 15 months! WOW!! Thanks for sharing the photos, keep em coming!

Wayne Hamilton

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