Monday, March 9, 2009

Reid & Louisa Playing at Home

Oh the fun we're having lately at our house! Reid and Louisa are walking EVERYWHERE. If you look back a few posts, you'll notice Reid & Louisa in a red cube...well, I bought two of these new storage ottomans for Reid & Louisa's toys in the den and they have become a new place to play! They are definitely a favorite for R&L, and it helps that they are in front of their favorite window that they look out to see Maggie. This window also creates some of Mommy's favorite pictures...just something about seeing them look out that window that is adorable to me! More pictures to come...hopefully I'll get them posted tomorrow night. Tomorrow will hopefully be a fun day for us. Reid & Louisa are going to a follow-up NICU developmental clinic where they will evaluate their progress since their last visit. We'll also (hopefully) get to visit our NICU mommies :) YEAH!!! That will depend on how Reid is doing...he has his 3rd ear infection since Thanksgiving and is also getting 3 or 4 new teeth in right now (he isn't near as good of a teether as his tough little sister!) Anyway, we are looking forward to our visit tomorrow.

Learning to eat with spoons...

"Where's Reid???"
So big sitting on the couch! I think I was also singing one of their new favorite songs..."The Little Green Frog"
Playing in the box...
Absolutely one of my favorite dresses on Louisa. Around the bottom it says "Adorable. Work of Heart"
Oh yeah, Reid and Louisa not only like to play in the ottomans, but they also like to play on the ottomans!!
"Look Mom, no hands!!"
Sweet girl looking for her Maggie!!
Having fun

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