Thursday, April 23, 2009

Belated Easter Post

Reid and Louisa had so much fun this year at Easter. We went to an Easter egg hunt with our cousins Alex, Abigail and Benjamin and had a blast. I don't even think Reid and Louisa noticed that they were the smallest ones toddling around the yard! After we showed them to put the eggs in their baskets, they started doing it on their own. They even figured out that when you run out of eggs to pick up, you can always take some from your twin's basket! And, of course it's fun to play "touchdown" with the eggs (it's a good thing they were plastic, because Reid really liked throwing the eggs!) It was definitely a fun Easter but I look forward to teaching Reid and Louisa about the real reason we celebrate Easter.

I couldn't choose between all of the Easter pictures to post, so here are the rest in a slide show.

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