Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Cole!

Oh, my sweet boy! What a big month you had! This month was filled with lots of "firsts" and also lots of fun!!
You learned to sit up all by yourself...

No pictures yet, but just this week your first tooth broke through (Bottom middle - right tooth). It won't be long and you'll be trying to eat all of our food! It's fun to see you growing and reaching all of these milestones like cutting teeth, but I'm a little sad because I know once your teeth come in you won't look like my little baby anymore!

You tried cereal for the first time! It only took a few bites for you to get used to it, then you were asking ("panting") for more!

Your first time in the love it! It was fun to see you being independent and having so much fun checking out all of the new toys!Your first time in the Jumparoo...every since we put you in the jumparoo...all you want to do is JUMP!!! You absolutely LOVE it! No more sitting still in our laps :(

It won't be too much longer before you are too big sit in the swing anymore...I wanted at least one more picture of you in it before you outgrow it! You still like the swing when you are relaxing, but you definitely prefer the exersaucer and jumparoo now!

We went to the zoo...(You slept most of the time so I snapped this picture of you with the elephants so we could remember!)

What's a trip to the zoo without a nice cool drink?? Just kidding!!!

We visited a couple of different pumpkin patches. We even found some Cole-sized pumpkins!

Of course I had to get some more pictures of you sitting up with our pumpkins at home!
You were the cutest little pumpkin for Halloween! You loved watching all of the children dressed up in their costumes! And of course you looked so cute with "Tinkerbell Sissy" and "Peter Pan Reid!" You did great for your first time Trick-or-Treating...just sat back in the stroller and relaxed and smiled at everyone!
And...we spent lots of time with our family! Everybody loves to love on Baby Cole!

Cole - you are such a precious addition to our family! You have the sweetest personality and just love to watch what everyone is doing (Especially Reid, Louisa and Roxy!). I love to hear your sweet voice when you get usually start by "whispering" but before too long you are babbling, "Da, da, da, da!" I love how you are starting to reach out for us to pick you up and no words can describe how I feel when you touch my face or hands with the soft, gentle touch of your hands. Cole, you are such a joy and we love you so much!

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