Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Reid & Louisa!

Wow! 3 years ago tonight my whole world and life changed. That night I was so happy to see your tiny little faces and finally "meet" you. I was excited to see you. But...I was also terrified! You were so little and it was way too early for you to come. We wondered how long you would stay in the hospital, we wondered what your personalities would be like. Would you be alike, would you take after Mommy or Daddy?

Well, 3 years in...you couldn't be more different! Reid you LOVE to talk and you have sooooo much energy. You question everything and always want to know the details. You love to love! You love life, your family, your friends...you love...EVERYTHING! You have such a great energy about you in everything you do. Your smile, your laughter, your joy...all completely contagious! Thank you for sharing your love of life with us!

Louisa - Ms. Penny and Mollie told us that night you were born that you were going to be our strong willed child...a real fighter. Well they could not have been more right about you! You are timid, shy and pretty reserved and hold off until you have evaluated the situation...then once you feel comfortable, you take off and become the leader. You are passionate about pretty much everything and I love that about you. You love to be my helper in the kitchen, always watching everything I do...you're already act so much like me! You will always be my sweet angel!

I had always heard the term "pride and joy," but I never realy knew what it meant until you two were born. You truly are my pride and joy! It is an honor and a priviledge to be the ones that God chose to take care of you. Thank you for blessing my life daily just by being you. I love you more than you will ever know...you make me so proud...I love you with all of my heart.

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