Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday, Baby Cole!

Oh, you cute little ham!! Your personality seems to shine a little more with each passing day! You love to giggle, laugh and even snort at your brother, sister, and of course Roxy! When you smile, it's done with your whole scrunch up from your head down to your toes and it is absolutely adorable!

You now have 3 teeth and at least 2 more that aren't far behind! You aren't in a full crawl yet, but you can definitely get where you want to go by rolling (very quickly!) across the room. Crawling will come soon enough...lately you've been caught up on all 4's rocking and we've even seen you make a few movements forward. I think it's time to drop the mattress in your crib too because just tonight I saw that you were very close to pulling yourself up on a chair. We were going to put our Christmas tree in the den this year, but thought that would be a little too tempting for you! You got very excited to see all of the pretty lights and decorations on our tree. Every time someone says, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" you start mimicking the sound and bouncing up and's soooo cute! We're really looking forward to our first Christmas with you!

One day I'm going to count the number of times in a day that we say "you're such a sweet boy!" I know we're (a little) biased, but everyone that sees you says the same thing! You are such a sweet blessing in our lives! We ALL love you so much our sweet Coley!!

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