Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Doctors Visits...

We took Reid and Louisa to the pediatrician today and Louisa hit 4 lbs! Reid continues to pull away from Louisa in the weight category...he weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. The doctor thought they both looked great, however she will continue to keep a watch on their growth to make sure they are gaining properly.

Yesterday we visited the eye doctor to have Reid & Louisa's eyes checked for eye condition found in preemies. The doctor had to dialate their eyes then hold them open long enough to look at the eyes. Louisa's eyes are so tiny and apparently her eye lids are so strong that it was very difficult to keep her eyes open long enough for the doctor to get a good look. So...he had to use a clamp to keep her eyes open. This was much less than pleasant for Mom as I was holding Louisa in my lap. I made the mistake once of looking down...I didn't make that mistake again! Seeing the clamp paired with Louisa screaming made the whole thing pretty bad for me. Luckily Reid behaved better while Craig held him so the doctor didn't have to use the clamp on him. Craig more than deserved a break since he held both babies on Monday while they got their heels pricked for some bloodwork.

You can see it's been a busy week with doctors visits. The great thing is that we continue to receive good news and everything looks great with Reid and Louisa. We trust that the good news will continue as they grow and gain strength.

Of course we continue to enjoy spending time with the babies. I don't think I could count the number of times that Craig and I have looked at each other and said, "They are SOOOO adorable!" I can't even imagine what we're going to think about them when they can actually do something besides just lay in their bed sleeping and looking cute! Even at their young age, their personalities are very different. Louisa continues to be our fiesty baby (this would not shock any of the NICU nurses) and Reid continues to be our layed back baby. Louisa does not like to be changed or messed with in any way. Reid is so relaxed that it usually takes stripping him down all the way to his diaper to even wake him up, then he promptly goes right back to sleep. This always makes feeding time fun as we try to keep Reid awake. Both babies give us smiles quite often...even though we know that they don't know what they are doing, it makes our day when they smile at us! One thing we have found about both babies is that they like to use the bathroom as soon as you unfasten their diapers to change them. After today's adventure, I think it might be time to get out the "Pee-Pee T-Pee's" that we were given! We have one Pack-n-Play in front of the fireplace in the den. I was changing Reid today when he decided he couldn't wait for the next diaper in order to wet it. This resulted in me having to wipe down the whole mantle because of the stream that shot up over his head!

The nursery finally got painted today so I am anxious to get the furniture put in the room and get everything decorated. It will be a while before Reid and Louisa actually sleep in their room, but it will be nice to have everything put away...right now their furniture is in our dining room and the hallway outside their room is lined with things that need to go in the room. If only they had waited until their due date to come, their room would have been done by the time they came home! It's hard to believe that tomorrow I would have been 38 weeks pregnant...still 2 more weeks until the babies should be here! Clearly we were not in control over this situation and thank goodness we weren't because everything has turned out wonderful and had it gone like we planned, everything would have likely been more difficult and wouldn't have turned out right.

The little people are letting me know that it's 5 minutes until time for them to eat, so I better go.


Mimi & Grandpa said...

Louisa and Reid are just beautiful! They look so happy and content in all the pictures. We cannot express what it feels like to look at our grandchildren and to have such relief that Carrie and the babies are doing so well.They are truly little miracle babies from such an awesome God and such special Christmas gifts!
Thank you so much Carrie and Craig.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!
Love, Mimi

~Stephanie said...

Carrie and Craig,

The babies are beautiful as ever. I'm so glad to hear that everything is coming back wonderful! Our God is awesome! Enjoy your "babymoon!"

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