Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Babies!!

Wow!  1 month old already...where does the time go??  It really doesn't seem like it's been a month since Reid and Louisa were born, but I think a lot of that is because they've only been home with us for a week.  It's been a great week and we have had a wonderful time getting to know our babies and just getting to love on them when and how we want to.  Craig and I finally feel like real parents, taking care of real babies in our own home...and it is definitely all that I ever thought it would be and more!!  Our hearts are definitely full of happiness and a wide range of other emotions.  Somehow the word happiness doesn't fully describe the depth of what we feel.  It is amazing how quickly we have become "those parents" who think that their babies are absolutely the best, most beautiful and perfect children who can do no wrong!  We are so blessed to have our children at home with us and doing as well as they are.  They are doing all of the normal things that babies, sleep and fill their diapers!  One of the many blessings of our babies being in the NICU is that when they came home they were both already on a 4 hour feeding schedule that they follow like clockwork.   The project manager in me loves that they are sticking to their schedule!

We have a busy week ahead with several doctor's appointments.  We're not looking forward to taking the babies out since it is going to be so cold.  We will all be bundled up warm!  We have lots to do to prepare for Christmas this week too.  Craig got our tree tonight but we had to leave it outside because it was still wet from all the rain we got yesterday.  Hopefully we can get the tree up and decorated tomorrow night.  We still have several last minute gifts to buy...for some reason time has gotten away from us this year and we are WAY behind on shopping.  Christmas will be quite different for us this year.  Obviously it will be very special because we have Reid and Louisa...what more could we ask for?  We are a bit sad though because our normal Holiday traditions of being with our families won't be able to happen this year.  I know this year will forever have a special meaning to us since it is our first Christmas with our babies and we look forward to resuming our traditions and spending time with our families.  Reid and Louisa will have so much fun when they get a little bigger and can play with their 7 cousins at Grammy and Poppy's house!  Grammy, you better start knocking out some walls to make room for all of the babies to play!  

It is getting late (early?) and I know my little alarm clock (Louisa) will be going off in approximately an hour and a half!  Please continue to pray that Reid and Louisa will grow and stay healthy, especially through the cold/flu/RSV season.  

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~Stephanie said...

Grow babies grow! It seems like just yesterday we were visiting in the hospital and now they are 1 month old! WOW!

We miss ya'll! We haven't been in Sunday School and church because of sickness ourselves. Know that your family remains in my prayers!

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