Tuesday, December 4, 2007


On Sunday evening I posted that we expected to have Reid home by Wednesday. He could still be here by that afternoon but now we expect it to be either Thursday or Friday. When you ask people what to expect you get different answers depending on who you're talking to. The latest info is based on what the Neonatoligist expects.

Please continue to pray for the twins and Brian, the little boy who is next to Louisa. And even though the NICU is a very critical nursery the babies, parents, nurses and doctors that are there are great people. One of the biggest reasons Louisa and Reid are doing so well is because of the people that are taking care of them. So, Thank You: Dr. Brawley, Dr. Cothran, Dr. Sharpe, J-Lo, Mrs. Debra, Mrs. Pennie, Mrs. Molly, Mrs. Donna, Mrs. Jeanneane, Mrs. Sherry, Mrs. Bonnie, Mrs. Ellen, Mrs. Kathy, Mrs. Camylle, Mrs. Kathy, Ms. Lauren, Mrs. Jennifer, Mrs. Natalie, Mrs. April, Mrs. Marsha, Mrs. Carla and everyone I have forgot to mention.

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